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Thermo Adhesives

Protechnic SKICORP provides world’s best Thermo Adhesives and other Applications for the clients across Asian region.

In 2019 we joined hands with Protechnic to form a joint venture to help growing numbers of our clients in Asian region get world’s best Thermo Adhesives.

We are the only Thermo Producer in the world who have mastered all three types of technologies: Web, Net and Films and now we have also launched our next revolution: Powder Based Adhesive.

With constant innovation and decades of experience in the field we are constantly evolving our existing products and also bringing many new breakthrough products.

Protechnic-SKICORP at a Glance


Number of Product Quantity Sold Till Date


Product SKUs to Solve Challenges of Our Customers


Repeat Orders by Esteemed Customers
The Edge

High-performing Thermo Adhesive that lowers the cost significantly

ISO 9001 Quality Standard compliance

Wide range of products for all kinds of applications

Reliant and quick support across the globe

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