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We Build Possibilities, Rapidly.

Challenging the status-quo and going beyond the expected is
in the DNA of every stakeholder of SKICORP. We don’t aspire
for opportunities, rather we create possibilities.

With the experience of nearly three decades in multiple business, we bring together the vision and knowledge to go beyond the expected and find best possible solutions for our stakeholders.

We are known for converting unique ideas into successful businesses that solve the challenges of our existing and potential customers and also help the world move forward.

3 Factors that Make SKICORP... SKICORP

We Are a Truly ‘Glocal’ Business Group

SKICORP is a business group with vision & capacity of a global giant but agility and personal approach of a small company. We understand the needs & expectations of our global customers and also the vendors from the remotest area.

This is one of our core strength that makes us a true ‘Glocal’ business group that creates immense value for all - our customers, stakeholders and business partners.

We Follow a System-Driven Approach

From deep-dive research to developing new products, from production to supply chain management, from marketing to sales, and from customer care to grievance redressal, everything we do is backed by robust & well-structured system-driven operations.

We use new technologies and insights to achieve operational excellence, foster better customer relations and develop new & creative business models.

We’re Fast Learners & Quick Decision-makers

The demands of our global clients change rapidly, so we continually seek ideas and better ways to serve them. To do this, we adopt new technologies, develop new capabilities & implement better systems at rapid pace.

Fast learning and quick decision-making is one of our strength that empowers us to deliver practical and enduring results rapidly, no matter how big the challenge is.

We are constantly evolving to improve the experiences of customers, business partners and colleagues – to make a positive impact on society and economic growth.”

Amit Bajoria (CEO, SKICORP Group)

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