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Packaging Solutions

EnSheild Antimold Solutions provides a robust solution to protect footwear, accessories and garments from Molds, Fungus and Moisture.

Since 2007, we are providing one-stop solution to protect footwear and accessories from fungus and moisture. All our products are result of deep R&D and are tested on highest ranking quality control measures.

With our products we help our clients get free from the fungus claims while making shipments anywhere in the world.

Enseild Antimold Solution at a Glance


Years of Experience in This Domain


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Repeat Orders by Esteemed Customers
The Edge

Vast range of products that fit every budget

SOPs for every product to obtain best result

Products that cover every application area

Constant innovations to bring-in breakthrough products

Associated Brands
Industries we serve include
Leather Products
Leather Products
Products Which Require Moisture Protection
Products Which Require Moisture Protection

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